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Here you can find a short series of lessons that introduce the basic topics and practices to be found on this website. please see the subheadings attached to click on to begin the Introductory Lessons.

Information important to everyone:
Online Lecture Series
Our lecture series brings experts in the fields of medicine, motor-neurology, psychology and hearing loss prevention to the HKU. These lecture-based lessons are on the website and can be done at any time.

Direct Links:
You can access Readings, Flashcard tips for practicing on this website.

We have also put many films and audio learning tools online for you to use.
Direct link to the online learning films and audio tools.

To see what kinds of films are available you can click here for the Artist in Balance Playlist.

If you are doing homework, you will need find out which links you will be using for your homework assignment. Just click first on the “homework” heading on the balk at the top of the screen. Then you can find your course, and scroll down the choices for the homework selection.