Final Presentation and Paper Masters MMB seminar

To complete the course, you are asked to:
1. Submit an outline via e-mail of your personal project plan before commencing it in the last month of the course.
2. After completing your personal project weeks, write a paper that includes the contents listed below. Hand this into the teacher via e-mail.
3. Present your personal project in class, using your paper as an outline.

During the class, we have been working on aspects of the musician’s craft that stimulate mind and body to better serve your practice:
Practice Tactics

These aspects have been presented in class, and you have worked on at home weekly, and kept a diary of your experiences. In the second half of the course, we have fine-tuned your personal project plans. Your personal project plan has been carried out by you for three weeks in this past month. In this way, you have been experimenting more to discover which techniques work the best for you to support and inform your music practice.

Now it is time to share your researches in a short presentation, an outline on a paper, and a final paper, which you will hand in to the teacher via e-mail.

In the presentation, and the accompanying papers, you are asked to:
1. Tell what your personal project plan was and the reasons for your choices in doing it. What was your goal and the tasks and timing your picked to work on it?
2. Take a look in your project diary. Tell some of the experiences that you had during your project weeks. Did your understanding and skills progress? What were the ups and downs? Did you notice your goal changing as you worked?
3. Demonstrate some task that you gave yourself through a short live practice demonstration.
4. Tell what you learned about yourself and your work from doing your personal project.
5. Give your ideas about how you could progress further, or in a different direction, based on what you learned during your project.

In the final classes of our seminar, each student will demonstrate and tell the essential aspects that they found useful in applying to their daily routine.
A summary paper should be handed in at the end of your presentation.
In the first months of class, we did a review of many warm-ups and practice tactics. In the remaining months, you have been identifying your own goals, and applying class materials to your won work, keeping track of your progress in your diary.

As part of your personal plan presentation you included:
Organisation of your plan and how you monitor it
State: raising the state you are in using some form of warm-up or mental practice. Option to show a warm-up and how you did it.
Practice Tactic: specify which tactics you applied regularly. Demonstrate how you did one of the tactics.
Reflection summarize your experiences and what you plan to continue doing and how. What were the things you found out that you did not know before that changed how you work?

Identify your own successes.
Remember that:
“A task is something that you can do in a given amount of time with success.”
The success is that you have done what you planned to do in the way you planned to do it!