We call these tactics flashcards because you can do them in under 15 minutes during your practice. Stopping to try new tactics makes practice an adventure.

The flashcards help you warm-up, focus, coordinate, learn a difficult passage, improve memory, or clean up your technique. Since we know that we cannot separate mind, body and music, you may find that “physical” tasks like warming up or cleaning up your technique may help your concentration (and change your brain!), while “mental” study actually improves motor-coordination. Imagination organises all you do as a musician, and is the drive behind technique and musicality. You can read more about music, mind, and body in the Reading section of the website.
Tactics listed twice have been especially noted to have multiple benefits.

    Warm-ups: Raise your mental and physical state:

Warm-ups and Stretches: These were created here at school for you.

Orientation Exercises:
These warm-ups strengthen and refine your body sense and ability to steer your actions in practice. Developed by us in cooperation with Tony Thatcher, head of choreography Trinity Laban and Alexander teacher. short cut to playlist: Orientation films playlist

Class films: warm-ups
The students of Utrecht Conservatory apply versions of the Orientation warm-ups in a class setting.
Short cut link to Class videos

“Space to Breath” stretch:
Increase your ability to breathe freely, lengthen and widen your stature and free your arms.

    Focusing and Organising

Films from the psychologist and tips from the class teacher:

Focus films
Short cut link to Focus films playlist
2nd cup of coffee (organising)
Motivation to Practice

    Practice tactics

Things you do while working with the music
Explanation: Practice Tactics

1. Mental Study
Alternating Silence with Sound
Reading the Score
Music Walk
Slow Writing

2. Cleaning up your technique
Less is More
Cleaning the House
Contrary Motion
Control Tower
AND: Alternating silence with sound and STOP-GO-IMAGINE (see above)

Tips from the motor-neurologist:
Make no Mistakes
Variation Makes Perfect
Chaining Backwards and Forwards

3. Putting it all together
The 3 Frames of Attention:
1. Micro contacts
2. The Whole Instrument
3. The Wholes Space

    Student Demonstration films

Students have given us permission to share their demonstrations of warm-ups and practice tactics. Click here for the playlist: Students Demonstrate

    Professional Musicians on staying healthy

To learn more about taking care of yourself as a musician watch the films on this playlist: Musicians Speak on Keeping Fit, made for us by the musicians of the Phion Orchestra.