Practice Exercises Questionnaire Lecture 3: Mind and Body Teach Each Other

Questionnaire after practical exercises
This questionnaire has two parts.
To complete the first part (sections 1-4) you will need to:
-review the 4 topics presented in this lecture on this page: Lecture 3 online page. Try the all the tactics once first: Power pose (see poses on the film), Focusing with vision (use the link to the audio file), Savoring (review in film link), and Core needs (read list again and reflect).
-after reviewing and trying all tactics, you can fill in sections 1-4 of the questionnaire.

To complete the second part of the questionnaire (Section 5) you will first need to carry out a ten-day trial of one tactic of your choice.
You only need 2 X 4 minutes each day to make some progress, so plan it in to your agenda.
Remember, we heard that to make a habit of using a tactic takes 60-90 days, but this is a trial period for you to discover what works for you.

Choose one of these options to try out for ten days. Keep a diary of when you did the tactics and what you noticed:
Power pose: Try the superwoman pose (or another power pose from the film) for two minutes twice a day before going in to some challenging situations, like a lesson, rehearsal or performance. Or use it before you practice or play through something.
Focusing with vision: Use the audio film to experience the focusing tactic. Practice it 2 times a day, with or without film.
Savoring: Stop to make a decision to notice and appreciate something 2 times a day for a few minutes. Try stopping mid-practice and choosing a small section to play with extra attention and appreciation. Or stop while walking, cooking, or anything to savor the moment. Notice what gives you energy. Write down what you noticed.
Core Needs: Take a look at how you react to social media and news. Stop and check twice a day what kind of media interactions you have had in the past few hours, and what effect they have on the quality of your energy and concentration during the day.

Once you have completed the ten-day trial period, you can fill in part 5 of the questionnaire. Then hand in the whole questionnaire to your Project Campus folder MMB Basics.

Please fill in this part of the questionnaire after trying all the the practical exercises once:
Put the filled in questionnaire in your folder on Project Campus. Put “YOUR WHOLE NAME, Lecture 3 Mind and Body” in the title of the document.
1. Power pose
1. Try again imitating the power poses and the submissive poses in the film for a few minutes. Brain chemistry can change temporarily after using these poses for 2 minutes. What does it feel like to take a submissive pose, and then a power pose?
2. What is your usual posture like? Is it wide and open like the power poses, or folded and protective like the submissive poses?
3. Try the superwoman pose for two minutes before playing or singing. What effect does it have?
4. What do you usually do before a challenging moment?
5. Which posture is imitated when you look at your phone?

2. Focusing with vision
6. You were asked to try focusing your eyes while noticing your breathing. See the above class page for the audio file.
7. Try doing this the exercise before practicing or in a break, what did you notice?
8. Did you like doing the vision exercise? Did you notice any resistance to doing the exercise in your body or thoughts? Did they go away in time?
9. Did you find this a useful exercise that you would do more often to calm and organize yourself for your practice?

3. Positive Psychology and savoring:
10. Do you find yourself working against your own feeling of comfort, or fighting tiredness?
11. How could you, or do you, direct your work along paths that give you energy?
12. Did you notice this week which things give you energy and pleasure?
13. How does rushing affect the chance to savor something?
14. Does something have to feel hard to be good work?
15. Do physical or mental warm-ups help us perceive and savor what we do?
16. Do you take time during practice to hear and enjoy the music you are playing?
17. How would improving the skill of savoring in your work as a musician?

4. Our core needs
18. What are our core needs? (see content page listed above to review)
19. How is it going with yourself and your environment with these core needs? At school, at home, at work?
20. How can you improve the situation so that you can feel more comfortable and able to learn?
21. How does establishing clear boundaries enable you to learn? Think of workload, power dynamics, peer interactions, and relationships with your teachers.
22. How about social media and other sources: Analyze the media you consume, including news, social media, and entertainment.
23. How do these sources impact your perception of safety and connection? What choices can you make to foster a healthier media diet?

Please fill in this part of the questionnaire after a ten-day period of trying out one tactic 2 times a day:
5. Your experiment over 10 days:
24. Which tactic did you pick and why did you choose it?
25. Write a summary of your observations over the period of using the tactic, using your daily dairy. Include the situations in which you used it, the effects your noticed using the tactic. What worked for you and what didn’t? What did you discover about your own habits? Did the trial give you any insights that you can take forward? What would you like to do more of in future?

Please note: If the content of this questionnaire or lecture have touched upon things that you need to talk about, please contact your tutor, confidential counselor or dean of students. All the links are to be found on the student portal. Or contact the teacher for more information: