Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique has been part of the curriculum of the HKU for more than 30 years. Students choose to take private Alexander lessons to work on how they use their energy, balance and coordination in playing. You can take lessons at the conservatory by appointment every day of the week in H303 and H302.

The Alexander Technique helps the musician to develop skills of good coordination and poise that contribute to a healthy instrument or vocal technique. By complementing musical study with lessons in the Alexander Technique, the performer can learn to call forth the specific energy required for music making without creating unnecessary mental and muscular tension. Those learning to teach gain insights about themselves which help them to observe their students more clearly.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you build up the knowledge and conditions in yourself to lead a healthier life as a professional performing and teaching artist.

What students say about their lessons:
“Alexander Technique lessons helped me to handled all the stress moment that I have had during this year and these lessons has helped me to face up all this situations without getting crazy…”

“Well, I think I’ve learned hundreds of things but perhaps the most important of all is that it is really necessary to listen to our body and it is necessary to take care of it, especially as musicians, I learned that deciphering and understanding our body is part of the everyday instrumental practice.”

“First of all, I found a better posture for playing, more natural, to avoid injuries and play more free. On the other hand, I learnt different ways to practice. It’s not about how many hours you practice with your instrument, it’s about how smart you are to create a strategy to learn the music faster and better.”

Private lessons are available to both masters and bachelors students. Masters students can sign up for Alexander Technique as a second subject, and receive 30 lessons of 30 minutes during a school year. Both bachelor’s and master’s students can take lessons at a discount at the UATIM institute at school, and there is financial assistance by application to the conservatorium’s Richardholfonds.

If you wish to learn more in person about the Alexander Technique, courses or how you can arrange for private lessons, you can contact:
the HKU Alexander Technique coordinator Crissman Taylor at

If you want to read a bit about the Alexander Technique in general, you can visit the site of the Alexander Technique Society Nederland:
Listen to some HKU students (violinists and violists) who participated in an Alexander research project which combined lessons in the Alexander Technique with customising the chin rests and shoulder rests: