Questionnaire Stress and Focus, Lecture 4

Film: Fight, Flight, Freeze Response
1. What is the function of the fight, flight or freeze response? What is it designed to do for us? When is it a good thing?
2. What are some of the physical manifestations of the fight, flight or freeze response? How do are bodies respond when our brain gives the alarm signal?
3. What does it do to our ability to function: to our vision, coordination, and concentration?
4. It is possible to faint when the fight, flight or freeze response is activated?
5. How does the fight, flight or freeze response affect our thoughts and interpretations of what is going on around us?
6. How can it lead to misinterpretation of situations around us? What name does the film give to these misinterpretations? What effects does long-term stress have on the way we see things around us?
7. Did you recognize anything from the fight or flight movie from your own life experience? Give an example.

Social Intelligence (Film: 20 signs your a emotionally mature)
8. How can you gain real confidence and acceptance of yourself? (point number 4, 13 & 16 in the film)
9. What are the best ways to change your mood and find happiness? (point numbers 6, 15 & 18 in the film)

Film: Why we only learn when we repeat:
10. Explain the sieve and bucket images of the mind.
11. As a practicing musician, what have you learned about the power of repetition? What is the best way to learn something well over time?

Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Film: The Pygmalion Effect)
12. What happened to the child when a teacher was told that a child was a “late bloomer.”
13. What did the teachers do different when they thought a child was a late bloomer?
14. Do you have an example from your own life about how positive or negative feedback changed how you felt about yourself and how you functioned?

Trying the exercises (fill in after 1 week practice).
15. What happened when you tried the exercises?
16. Have you already done such focusing techniques before, or other ones that you find useful?
17. Which focus exercise did you choose to repeat during the week, or did you do both?
18. Does your music help you focus, or do you do your practicing in a distracted way?
19. Do you take breaks to refresh your thinking?
20. What tactics do you use to improve your focus or counteract stress?