Final Film and Paper “What your instrument asks of you”

Final Presentation Tutorial: What Your Instrument Asks of You
To complete the course, we ask you to:
1. Make a short instructional practice film
2. Write a short paper after viewing the films submitted by your colleagues.

Make a short film in which you teach someone else how to do the Warm-ups and/or Practice Tactics of your own choosing. For practice tactics: demonstrate this with your instrument, while you explain what you are doing. (Drummers can use sticks and pad.)

Your film should include:

1. The name of the Warm-up and/or Practice Tactic (choose from list handed out by the teacher, or on the class page or Flashcard section) under this heading.
2. A live demonstration of the warm-up while you explain what you are doing.
3. What is the Practice Tactic or Warm up for? What do you want to achieve by doing it?
4. What habits are the Practice Tactic or Warm-up meant to counteract? Explanation: For every instrument, there can be unwanted reactions or habits that build up in relation to playing that instrument that can affect your technique and comfort in a negative way. It is important in your film that you show those habits, so imitate what it is that we don’t want!
5. A step-by-step explanation of the Warm-up or Practice Tactic, at the same time showing by your own movements what the steps are.
6. A demonstration of the Warm-up or Practice Tactic itself: show us how it looks when you practice it.
7. A short summary of your experiences in doing the Warm-up or Practice Tactic several times over a period of time. What did you notice about your playing/posture/comfort/breathing….?

When you have completed your short film, send it to the teacher in the way described to you in the instruction e-mail. Deadlines are listed there as well. Your film will only be shared with your fellow class mates.

When all films are posted, you will be asked to to watch the films of your colleagues and submit a short paper with your comments about what you have seen. Please send this commentary paper to the teacher
Use these questions to help you write your paper when viewing the films submitted by your colleagues:
-What did you like?
-What surprised you?
-What did you learn that you did not know?
-What did you recognise as similar to your own experiences?
-Did you learn something from someone else that you can use?
-When you watched demonstrations made by musicians with other instrument types did you see what the challenges were to playing their instrument?
-What the challenges were different, and which were similar for different instrument types?
-What did you see in other films that you would now like to try yourself?
-If you were to continue to apply the warm-ups and practice tactics over time, to create new patterns in your work days, what would the new routine look like? Make a short bullet outline of a training schedule for one week or one month, whichever you like, that includes times for warming up, practice tactics and repertoire work with variation. Explain your choices in a few sentences.

Happy practicing!