Focused walking

Message from the guest teacher:

“This short exercise helps you to focus your mind while walking in a room, either as preparation for working, or for a longer walk outside (such as a walk while imagining your music).
One of the advantages of this exercise is that you can integrate it in your daily life. Before you begin, it can be helpful to state your intention. Just say to yourself in your mind that you intend to be focused and concentrated for the next few steps or minutes. Your intention is to give yourself the chance to be calm and focused, alleviating stress.

Beginners guide: If you have not done this kind of thing before, try walking like this 1 or 2 minutes a day to start with. You can also start by counting your steps to avoid your thoughts drifting away. Start by counting up to 20 or 40 footsteps, for example. You can walk a bit slower than you usually do. You don’t need to walk abnormally slow, unless you stay inside your house or garden during the exercise. Feel your feet touching the ground, and keep your focus there. Pay attention to the movement of the legs. You are going to need some active mental coping: When you feel distracted – and this will definitely happen many times at first – be calm. Explain to yourself that it’s perfectly normal that your attention and your thoughts are drifting away.

You are learning new concentration skills here. Learning new skills takes time and practice. Each time you get distracted take this step: Gently bring back your attention to your feet and legs. Repeat this each time when you notice your concentration moving away from the feet or the legs. Don’t be surprised how often this will occur in the beginning of your training. You will notice you will get less distracted over time, as you continue your practice. I wish you good walking.”

Adwin Konsten, Psychologist