How to do your homework
Homework instructions for first year students only!

The homework for the course is to be found on the website musicianshealth.hku.nl (no www!)
For the first year course “Orientatie op Studie” musicians health module, there are three homework assignments, two to be finished in the fall and one in the spring. See online for deadlines of the homework assignments.

• Go to musicianshealth.hku.nl (no www!)
• Click “HOMEWORK” in the yellow balk at the top of the homepage.
• Then click on “HOMEWORK YEAR 1”
• Click on the read printed heading for the homework you need to do.
• Login with your HKU e-mail*
• Read the explanation text
• Click on “HOMEWORK” in red at the bottom of the page
• Do the homework task described. Sometimes this takes a week or two of practice and observation, and then you can finally write your report.
• When you are ready to write and submit your report/ answer the questions, then log in at the bottom of THIS last page again with your HKU e-mail.
• Type your report on your computer and then upload the file following the instructions on the page.

*If you have trouble logging in, check your address by sending an e-mail to: herman.corbach@hku.nl
You need your e-mail to work in order to do many things at school that are important for your study and to get messages form the school.
ONLY if your e-mail is permanently damaged: make contact with the teacher, Criss Taylor about how to submit your homework musicianshealth@hku.nl