MMB Basics Class Page

In Music Mind and Body Basics we explore how the mind and body work in making music. This module “Music Mind and Body Basics” is part of Professional Development for first year bachelors.

We introduce and try out warm-ups, practice tactics, posture and movement principles, focus techniques and positive psychology to learn how to get the most out of our practice, and face the challenges of our profession.

The lessons and lectures are based on 30 years of work at the conservatory in the Alexander Technique, with additional materials from our experts in Motor Neurology, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Hearing Loss Prevention, as well as Professional Musicians themselves.

The module has two parts:

1. LIVE CLASSES: A weekly live class of two months in H215. You can find out when you have these classes by checking your schedule.
2. LECTURE SERIES: Four expert live lectures are given each year on selected Tuesday evenings from 18:30-20:00 in K108. Write these dates for this year 2023-24 in your agenda:
October 17th Lecture 1: Music, Mind and Body
November 14, Lecture 2: Hearing Loss Prevention
December 12, Lecture 3: Stress and Focus
February 13, Lecture 4: Mind and Body Teach Each Other


1. LIVE CLASSES: At the end of the live classes, you will be asked to write a short paper. You will hear about this during your live classes. Personal Plan Paper Description See below for the links to the class warm-up films.
2. LECTURES: After each lecture, you will fill in a questionnaire to hand in. Here are the links to the questionnaires:
Lecture 1 Music, Mind and Body
Lecture 2 Hearing Loss Prevention
Lecture 3 Stress and Focus
Lecture 4 Mind and Body Teach Each Other

Handing in your homework on Project Campus:
You hand in your homework through Project Campus, where a folder has been made for you. You will have been invited to this via e-mail. If not, contact the teacher. Please hand in your homework for this module using the folder with your name and “MMB Basics” in the title.

Class warm-ups:
Here are the links to the films and descriptions to remind you of the selected class warm-ups. You can practice these best 4 times a week, before, during or after study.
Lie Down
Unpacking the Musician
Spinal Spiral
Space to Breathe Stretch

To pass this required course, you need to attend all live classes and lectures. If you miss a live class, you can attend another class of the same type. If you miss a lecture, you will need to do a replacement assignment. Ask the teacher for more information:

Further study at HKU
The Mind and Body Program continues after the first year, with a series of elective course, projects, individual lessons, and also with ergonomic help. You can find these options on the Student Portal, or speak to the teacher. You can choose what suits you in each year of your study.

Check it out!
For self-study, the resources for these courses are open to you at all times. Readings, Warm-up and coordination films, Films of professional musicians and student demonstrations, information from experts in motor-neurology, musicians’ physiotherapy, hearing loss prevention, and performance psychology. See all links on the Flashcards page.